Monday, May 15, 2017

PPT - How to Get 1 Million App Downloads

How to Get 1 Million App Downloads from Konstant Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

The evolution of mobile technology has made businesses to follow a canny approach to achieve their targets. Gone are the days when traditional methods took them to the apex of success. Mobile is the way now to move forward. Here we present an insightful read to rule the app store market by increasing the total number of app downloads.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Why Accounting Firms Need to Have a Mobile App?

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The role of cell phones has changed dramatically. Introduced to streamline and facilitate long distance communication is now a go-to tool for grown-ups, professionals, millennials and people knowledgeable enough to comprehend its functionality for accomplishing tasks, which once looked bleak to accomplish while relaxing at home.

The society has transformed and businesses have been asked to switch ways, courtesy- disruption caused due to mobile technology. According to a stat from the Office for National Statistics, around 61% of adults access the internet away from office via the mobile device.

The increasing dependency and time spent on mobile devices indicate that if you as a business owner need to excel, then you got to adopt modern ways of doing things and going mobile is one of the new trends disrupting the entire technology space.

However, with mobile, we don’t refer to generating a mobile version of your existing website, but an entirely new piece of your business in form of a mobile app. Although, the mobile version has its own importance and is easily accessible on multiple devices, but a mobile app takes your business to an altogether new level. Precisely, we point out why you need to develop an accounting app in this digital era?

A Mobile App Uplifts Client Satisfaction

There is no factor as important as the client satisfaction. And believe me, making the client happy is the toughest job. Gone are the days when you used to fill a form on the website and wait for days to receive a response. It’s mobile age and customer satisfaction is on everyone’s mind. The mobile app can help achieve this feat as queries would be solved quickly with features available at their fingertips while they are on the move. This not only adds value to customers but also helps to foster relationships.

A Mobile App Extends Your Reach

According to a study, an average adult in America spends about two hours thirty minutes daily on a mobile device. This increases the probability of your business to reach a maximum number of users as they tend to flip through multiple screens, accessing, researching individual apps and the app store. The visibility of your app and chances of users opening your app increases, which isn’t the case with mobile-ready websites.

A Mobile App Offers Features on the Go

The interface of your app and the features it packs within hold the utmost importance. Loading your app with crucial features that users use often and the ones, which your rivals aren’t targeting can add value, but remember you don’t overdo things. Easy access to the interface with a financial calculator, tax tables, important dates and more can help you in grabbing a piece of the pie.

A Mobile App is an Ideal Tool for Marketing and Engagement

With modern devices taking over, you as a business owner, need to look out for modern methods of marketing. One such method that can help you is pushing notification. With mobile app analytics, you can figure out your target audience and optimize campaigns accordingly before you send them through to your customers. It has been discovered that push notifications have the better open rate than emails and text messages. Hence, you can push daily updates, industry news and more information for maximum engagement. However, you need to be careful while using this feature as it could backfire if done over ambitiously.

A Mobile App Helps You Build a Brand

Today’s market is all about staying ahead of the competition. Owning an accounting mobile app separates you from the rest as still there are very few mobile apps under the CPA umbrella. So, having one can position you as a thought leader whose footsteps needs to be followed.

Final Words

Accounting apps are rare to find, but not the mobile app development agencies. It’s the right time to invest in mobile technology, consulting a potent app development agency that can build a reliable product and grant you the success wings to fly higher than your competition.