Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Top 4 Technologies Establishing the Existence of Mobile Apps

Gone are the days when technology was just for entertainment. It has come a long way more effectively with more usability, more features connecting the audience worldwide. Experts are pushing themselves beyond limits to create advanced technology and to productively use innovations for the betterment of human life.

Today, users love to access the content on smartphones while on the move. This habit of users of accessing online services has revolutionized the way they connect with the world over the web.

Every enterprise wants to create an identity in the race of developing mobile apps either for B2C or B2B operations. They want to serve their customers in a more intelligent way by introducing their own web and mobile apps.

For this, there are brands that opt for outsourcing software development rather than doing it in-house.  As they save them from the headaches of hiring skilled developers and managing the whole project on their own.

Most businesses are integrating their core business activities with the mobile app and web app technology.

1. iOS with Cocoa Framework 

• This technology best works for developing OSX and iOS apps. The Gulf areas - Europe and America-are where most users use the apps developed for this technology.
• Developers can write perfect code, which is highly dependable on this platform. This Framework supports most popular iOS programming languages – Swift and Objective-C.
• Cocoa Framework is used for developing iOS apps as it is dedicated to Apple devices.
• This platform is helpful in embracing excellent animation features in the apps. Moreover, the quality is guaranteed by Apple.

2. Xamarin

• Xamarin is the best platform to develop apps with a single codebase. If you are planning to            develop an app on cross-platform, that too in a single codebase that will save you money and time both then no other than Xamarin can meet your and user’s expectations.
• It is one of the most stable platforms because of it features, pattern and the level of standards that are helpful to develop cross platform apps effectively.
• Recently acquired by Microsoft, Xamarin is expected to advance more with frequent updates.
• It can reduce development time and complete the process in a more efficient manner. A recurring licensing fee is required every month to get a premium version of its features.

3. PhoneGap

• It is widely considered as one of the best cross-platform development tools. In this, developers only need to write the code once and can deploy across multiple platforms. 
• Supportive tool for those who want to create a simple and decent layout of cross-platform apps. It gives uniformity in user interface because with a single codebase, it makes your app look and feel the same on all platforms.
• PhoneGap development can be carried out by a developer who has knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

4. React Native

• Another cross-development platform is owned by Facebook, i.e. React Native. The developer can create an app once and can run it on different platforms.
• If you’re opting React Native for app development, developers must have an expertise in JavaScript.
• The prime advantage of React Native over others is its cost-effectiveness, which can reduce your development cost by approx. 50% and give you most budget-friendly business app.
• It is best to create bug-free apps; even the debugging process is quite simple to perform.
• React Native is one of the best tools to integrate high-quality animations in your mobile app.
All the above-mentioned technologies can create a difference on the basis of their pros and cons.

What technology you would like to opt totally depends on factors- like the vastness of your business, budget limits and flow of operations. Choose the one that best meets your business requirements and add to your revenue growth.


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