Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Apple App Store Review Guidelines Revised- Here’s a Quick Look

Apple, the technology giant from California has altered guidelines for app review. Is it a bane or boon for developers? Let’s find out what’s revised- a must-read for iPhone app owners and iPhone developers.

Leading the tech market of the world on its own terms, Apple has changed the way people looked at the gadget sector a few years back. It took the world of technology to the next level with its revolutionary production of iPhones, all set to entice the world with iPhone 7 edition

Apple App store, being the governor of all the applications, has stated several guidelines for iOS developers to keep in mind while designing and developing their app. There are certain rules and clauses defined that an app should adhere to go live. These rules are widely known as App Store Review Guidelines.

The company has made several modifications to the stated terms in order to make the system clean, authentic and lovable by its users. According to Apple officials, there hasn’t been any major change to the store’s guidelines, but they have been modified to provide a clear context to its readers with better understandability.

An alarming notice was fired to all the iOS developers around the globe to make them understand the quality, authenticity and reliability that the tech maestro demands. The improvement process for Apple has already begun from 7th September 2016, which includes weighty concerns for the developers.

App store guidelines upgrade includes the following:

Removal of non-functional and sluggish apps

The company is crystal clear about its future agenda, which states that it will be removing all the non-functional apps from the store irrespective of its category. Plus, if your app crashes at the time of launch, it will be slaughtered straight away. However, other apps will get a repentance period of 30 days to release an update else it will be sent to thrash. The company added that the removal of the app from the store won’t affect its functionality for the users having it installed, but will prevent future customers from searching or downloading it.

With this move, Apple aims at keeping only quality apps on its store while dismissing the rest out of the equation.

App names should not exceed 50 characters

Next update which will give sleepless nights to the fraudulent or cheesy developers is the limitation on the app names front. It was noticed that developers were trying to fool the searching mechanism of the app store by using long and irrelevant app names. These long names were not displayed on the store and provided least or no value to the user. To overcome such an issue, Apple has decided to cut down the length of titles to 50 characters.

The new naming convention would certainly hamper development houses that tend to create keyword-specific titles for their apps. On the contrary, aforementioned upgrades will certainly improve the ecosystem of the App store by eradicating spam applications that currently prevail.

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