Thursday, November 16, 2017

What makes CakePHP The Ideal Framework for Agile Website Development

As the competition grows for earning the recognition and exclusive space on the internet, the web developers often have to walk a tightrope- with quality and performance on one hand, while the speed of development on the other.

Though there are many tools to help them in the process, choosing one that is both efficient and trustworthy is a tough call.

CakePHP is one such tool, a framework to be precise, that has caught the attention of developers due to the ease and fluidity it brings in the overall development process. Having been used to complete countless projects in possibly every domain, CakePHP is now the framework of choice for seasoned and mature developers. Apart from its open-source tag, let’s take a look at the few features that contribute to its immense popularity and efficiency:

#1. Auto-Configuration

The first thing you notice while using CakePHP is that you don’t have to spare additional time and effort for specifying the location of libraries or the URL of any file.  CakePHP is designed to configure such information automatically. All you are required to do is to connect your database, and you are good to go.

#2. MVC

Model View Controller is how the big projects are managed these days, owing to the flexibility it provides in separating logic from implementation. CakePHP is based on MVC pattern and proves to be a smart choice if you are looking to start a large website development project. 

#3. Modularity

If you want to customize your website with some little snippets or extensions, don’t look any further than CakePHP. It offers the developers an option to modularize their entire project and then customize them as per their requirements. 

#4. Reusability

Since CakePHP development is modular in nature, the modules you write for any project can be easily extended to other projects of similar nature. This means once you develop a considerably large library of such reusable components, the development time and costs for future projects are drastically reduced.

#5. Less coding

Writing codes in itself is a hectic task, but if every little detail of the product needs to be coded manually, not only does it bring down the productivity of developers, but also soars up the costs. CakePHP comes with many plug-in helpers and components that are ready-to-use without writing a single line of code for them.

#6. Security

Though an open-source framework, CakePHP has the reputation of being highly secure. Licensed under MIT license, the framework comes with a host of built-in security tools like XSS prevention, SQL injection prevention, among others.

#7. Custom test cases

While core tests are essential to check the functionality of the product as a whole, sometimes developers also need to test some specific functions. CakePHP gives them the liberty to create custom test cases to ensure that every aspect of the application is tested before deployment.

#8. Object-relational mapping

This is yet another feature that makes website development on CakePHP faster and effortless. Since it represents every table as a class, and once the relations are properly defined among them, the developers no longer need to write any SQL commands.

#9. Language support

Generally overlooked, this feature comes quite handy when the developer working on a project is not much comfortable in English- which is default in most of the other frameworks.

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